During the winter, in which temperatures keep the heated pool?

Depending on the temperature outside, the pool water is heated from 27 to 29 degrees.

Does it ever rain?

As with all natural events, rainfall is possible during your stay. However, phenomena such as these are extremely rare: it normally rains only every six or seven years, and then just for a few hours.

I heard there are dangerous fish in the sea. Is it true?

Potentially dangerous species live in every sea in the world. If you just follow common sense and exercise normal prudence (e.g., not touching the fish or the coral, not feeding the fish, etc.) accidents involving marine species are virtually zero.

Is it true that there’s always a lot of wind?

Marsa Alam is located along a stretch of desert coastline that has no hills. While as a landscape it is fascinating, it offers no natural obstacles on windy days. Throughout the course of the year, the wind speed ranges between 18 and 30 km per hour. It is not disturbing in most cases, but every beach umbrella is equipped with a screen just in case.

Is accessing the sea difficult?

Access to the sea is easy, and perfectly safe. We do recommend reef shoes, however, because stretches of the seabed have madreporic corals.

What documents does Egypt require for entry?

Your tour operator will be able to give you up-to-date information regarding what is required to enter Egypt, including all of the necessary documents for adults and children alike.

What does the all-inclusive package comprise?

Please click here for details about our all-inclusive package.

Do hotel staff members speak English?

Most of the hotel staff members speak English.

Are euros accepted in Egypt?

The euro is not accepted in Egypt, but you may change euros into Egyptian pounds at the reception desk.

I have celiac disease. Do you have gluten-free options on your menu?

There are always naturally gluten-free foods on our menu; all food is prepared in a common kitchen, however, so we cannot guarantee that all possibility of cross-contamination is ruled out.

I am a disabled person with reduced mobility. Is Gorgonia suitable for those with limited mobility?

Gorgonia has 16 rooms that have been specially designed and decorated for guests with limited mobility. In addition, all service areas are accessible without stairs and have ramps with slopes less than or equal to 6%. Even beach access is facilitated: Gorgonia is equipped with J.O.B. chairs, which are specifically designed to help those with limited mobility access the beach.